Archery combines fun and tradition with the beauty of nature in a unique sport. Ideal as an outdoor activity and perfect for team building programs, it can be practiced as a contest, to obtain points within the team, individually, or as a leisure activity for spending free time. The tourist area Șuncuiuș - Vadu Crișului creates the perfect natural setting for carrying out such activities together, in an organized environment and under the direct supervision of our instructors. The modern equipment used today transforms archery into a safe sport. With bows and arrows made of lightweight materials, created for all shapes and sizes, our archery experiences give you the chance to learn new skills and feel the satisfaction of success.

Running time: Throughout the year, depending on the weather conditions. The activity is carried out in our special polygon arranged next to the river.


What is included in the price:

  Wooden bows




What you need to bring with you:

Sports / hiking shoes

Comfortable clothes


Archery pricing